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Brumfield's Babies

Shipping Information

First things first - Don't Worry!!!

We have been shipping  for over 20 years. They take great care of our babies. We spoil

the cargo workers with gifts and donuts for making sure everything goes smoothly and that our babies are

safe and sound.  Thank you!

The cost of shipping your puppy is $400 in addition to the cost of the puppy. If for some reason your puppy

has to be kenneled overnight due to airport closures or delays, there will be an additional charge upon pick-up of your puppy.

We ask that the remaining balance of shipping and cost of your puppy be paid at least a week in advance to

the puppy being shipped. We only ship through the week.

I usually ship with american airlines or we will ship with Continental.

There are some instances at which time we are not able to get the airport you had originally chosen. At this

time we will do our best to get the puppy as close to you as possible. If you are not comfortable with the

next airport, we will explore other options.

There are some cases when the weather is not fully co-operational with us. Some weather conditions can

cause imminent danger for your puppies life. During the duration of the flight, there will be someone

responsible for ensuring your puppy has plenty of food and water.

When booking the flight for your puppy, I will choose the flight which is in the best interest and

consideration of the puppy's health. As soon as the flight is booked, I will send you an e-mail with all the

flight details and where to pick up your puppy.

Upon arriving at the airport, I pre-pay for the flight and add insurance equal to the amount you paid for the

puppy. I will give the puppy water and food before it loads the plane.

During any lay-overs, connecting flights or final flights, your baby will be checked on to make sure he/she is

handling the flight okay.


When you arrive to pick up your puppy, you will find a plastic bag and it is NOT meant to be thrown away. All the important paperwork you will need for your new puppy will be inside. (i.e, Registration, Tennessee State Health Certificate, Immunization/Medical Records and the food and bows we send as a small gift.) Inside of the crate your puppy will have newspaper, a blanket and food/water bowls, all of this is yours to take home, including the crate. Most breeds will outgrow these crates, as they are meant for traveling purposes only. --We do not recommend crate training/kenneling. Please see the "Puppy Care" page for more information.

The person/persons retrieving the puppy from the airport MUST have present with them: a valid form of identification, address and phone number matching the paperwork with the puppy. Please remember that you will have to show proper identification when you arrive to your puppy.

Once the flight has been booked, you will receive an email including reference and/or airway bill number, exact location to pick your puppy up once you arrive. I will reach out to you as a courtesy call to confirm you have received all needed paperwork and no last minute changes need to be made.

All flights must be booked 7 days before your puppy can be shipped. We request that the remaining balance of the puppy and shipping be paid, at the latest, 7 days before planned shipping date.

Any remaining balances and/or payments will be sent to you in an invoice

via e-mail.


Thank you!

Please text/call or email with any questions or concerns!

Cell: 931|316|6196

Email: [email protected]

* Below is a photo of a crate similar to the one your puppy will be shipped in. This will be your crate to keep. * 

Please do throw away the bag attached to the top of your crate!

*This bag contains the only medical record sheet for your puppy. We do

not keep copies of the medical records. There will also be a CKC

Registration application, as to which we also do not keep copies of.*