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Brumfield's Babies

Welcome to 'Our Kennel

Here we show you what its like at Brumfield's Babies kennel. Please know we don't do kennel visits but right here is a look into what your puppies environment is like before you take them home. Below you can see that the mommies and puppies are never too far apart, even after weaning.

The big kennel outside has several sectioned off pens to keep the breeds apart to insure the best bred puppies! The pens are cleaned daily to keep them healthy. We also make sure they are comfortable all year 'round. By running fans during the summer to keep them cool, while having heat lamps during the winter to keep them warm.

'The Puppy Building' or inside kennel has 11 pens that have access to outside pens. We newspaper and doggie door train our puppies so they will be well potty trained for their new home. We DO NOT crate train our puppies! Inside there is a washing machine for their laundry as well as a dishwasher for their dishes. The two pictures below show our set up, in the right one you can also see our 'fur dryer' when grooming our puppies. 

I feed the puppies twice a day a wet food mixture that I have posted on our 'Caring For Your Puppy' page. As well as the day I deliver your puppy to you. Each time I am feeding them this food mixture I freshen up their water and top off their dry food I leave in the pen all day for them. I change their beds and/or newspaper as needed, along with sweeping and mopping.

There is a A/C unit inside to keep them cool during the summer along with a ceiling fan. The A/C unit has the option of heat though like in the outside kennel we also use heat lamps in each pen at night during the winter to make sure they stay nice and cozy!

Again we do not do kennel visits but hopefully you can see from the pictures displaying on this page of our website that we take very good care of our puppies. 

If you have any questions please email me or call/text,

Home Phone: 931-657-5815

Cell Phone: 931-316-6196

Thank You,

Tammy Brumfield