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Brumfield's Babies

Caring For Your Puppy

Before you pick up your puppy, make an area for your new pupp​y that t​hey will feel safe in.

If you are able to set up an area like this in your home your new puppy will adjust so much faster. Also they will keep up with their already awesome potty training process! So less accidents, if any at all! You can use a play pen or gate off a small bathroom or utility room where they can not get themselves into any trouble!

Put their bed, toys, bowls, newspaper/puppy pads and baby blanket. We will be providing you with a baby blanket that has their litter's, mother's and our scent on it.

Some pictures below if you click on them have links attached to them that will op​en a new window and direct you to a website to purchase the product of the pictures.

​They have access to their separate food and water bowls 24/7. This means free feeding. Do it! We encourage it for at least the first 3-4 weeks when you get your baby. Then you can start a feeding schedule. Before they learn to use the doggy door 100% - they learn to use the newspaper to go potty on. They have their blanket and safe toys in their comfy bed.

A play pen to help keep them safe, it's a new adjustment for them and you and they are very playful and may get into things that may harm them. We recommend that the pen be just big enough to put their bedding with baby blanket, toys, food and water. Also be sure to put down a puppy pad or newspaper in it. You can also use a baby gate to section off a small utility room or a bathroom. Please make sure the room is safe and they can't get into anything.

A comfortable bed is always a must for your new puppy and we recommend getting one or two for when washing in between beds.

When buying food we recommend Diamond puppy- Small Breed Puppy. We will give you a little bag of the Diamond puppy- Small Breed Puppy and a pouch of Pedigree wet food when you pick your puppy up. The Pedigree wet food will need to be refrigerated if opened. You can click on the picture to the left to purchase some of the dog food that we feed. You can also purchase this food at Tractor Supply, PetCo, and PetSmart.

We take this dry puppy food and make a wet food mix twice a day for our puppys and recommend you to do the same at home. 3 tablespoons of the Diamond Naturals - Small Breed Puppy dry food with 3 tablespoons of Pedigree wet food and mix with warm water twice a day.

If you will be switching your puppies dog food, please make sure to do it gradually by mixing a little of the new food with the Taste of the Wild for about a week until they are eating just the new dog food. They can get diarrhea or get constipated if you switch their food to fast on them. The main concern is that they like the food they are eating. If they do not like the new food you have purchased, do not make them eat because chances are they will not eat it and then they might sugar out on you. So, keep an eye on them if you are switching food and make sure they are actually eating the new food. Other high quality dog foods are Blue Buffalo, Wellness or Orijen.

We recommend Wellness Puppy along with Natural Balance Minis. NOTHING FROM CHINA because there is bacteria in their meat that cause coccidia in the puppy. 

We recommend you get your puppy used to you brushing their teeth at least once a week. The more you brush their teeth the easier it will get. Brushing their teeth prevents them from needing to get a dental done at the Vet Office that can cost anywhere from $100 - $300 depending on your Vet.

On top of brushing their teeth you can get some dental chews for them. Blue Buffalo Blue Bones and Greenies are both good brands of dental chews.

Also you can get pig earz for when they are they teething.

Click on the pictures to the left and below to find where to purchase what we recommended.

When purchasing bowls we recommend ones that are NOT connected and that are separate from each other. When the bowls are connected, the puppies love to splash the water or dig in the food and everything gets a little messy. When the bowls are separated from each other they tend not to make a big mess. Any kind of bowl will be fine. Also we recommend at least once a week you wash and clean their food and water bowls.

We recommend using a harness and leashes on small breed dogs because they can easily slip out of a col​lar so a harness prevents them from getting choked as easily. Any collar and/or harness with a leash will be fine. Just make sure to get your puppy used to walking on a leash at a young age so that they will be trained to walk with you instead of against you.

The more toys the better!!! Get all types and all sizes. Clean your puppies toys every two to four weeks. Also, make sure to get toys that are for teething. A few good brands of teething toys are called, Kong, Nylabone and Petstages. Make sure to always purchase toys that are safe for your puppies."Safe toys" mean that they do not have any buttons, zippers, hard eyeballs, beads or anything that could be easily chewed off and swallowed. You do not want to worry about your puppy swallowing any of those pieces off of a toy that could potentially harm them.

The Heartbeat Pillow simulates a heartbeat that lasts for 5 minutes which makes them feel like they have a buddy with them and calms them down.

The Puppy Cuddle Pal has a microwavable buckwheat packet in it that soothes your puppy by being warm and cuddly. It stays warm for about 45 minutes.

You can click on the pictures to the left to purchase one of these calming/soothing aids for your puppy.

Once you get your puppy you can wash them once a week or as needed. We wash our puppies in Ikaria Brand Shampoo. The scents we use are Comfort, Refresh and Enlighten. You can also use Johnson and Johnson's Baby Shampoo.

If your puppy is white or cream you will want to use a whitening shampoo. You can purchase Hartz Whitening Shampoo from Wal-Mart. This is the ONLY Hartz Brand product we recommend.

You can blow dry your puppy. Please make sure to turn the heat down so you do not accidently burn them.

Click on the pictures to the right to find where you can purchase what we recommended.

You will need to brush your puppy once a week or more depending on the breed of your puppy. Make sure you get a STEEL TINE/SLICKER brush and not a soft bristle brush. The steel tine brushes will be able to get the tangles out of your puppies hair. Make sure to brush by your puppy's behind, their belly, under their chin, behind their ears and their legs these places will mat up quickly if you don't brush them often.

Click on the picture to the left to find where to purchase a brush like this one.

You can give your puppy some Nurti-Cal or Vitamins. The Teacup size is the only size that we recommend using Nutri-Cal. The Tiny Toy and Toy sizes really do not need Nutri-Cal. The Tiny Toy and Toy sizes can get some vitamins. The brand of Vitamins that we use is called Pet Tabs.

Give 1/4 Tablet of Pet Tabs daily.

Please click on the picture to the right to find where you can purchase what we have recommended.

Additional care for your puppy is on this page will give you an idea of what to expect with a new small breed puppy. Always care for these little puppies as you would a new born baby. All they need for the first few months is food, water, rest and love!

Make sure you have the time needed to take care of your new baby. Never leave them alone and unattended for extended lengths of time, until your baby has adjusted to their new home. If you do, this can cause anxiety and stress, which can led to a full blown case of Coccidia.

Prepare an area for your baby that they can call their own. Purchasing an exercise pen is the easiest way to do this. You can put a comfortable bed and a baby blanket, so your puppy can stay nice and warm. Inside of the pen you will always need to keep fresh food and clean filtered water, NOT tap water, for your new baby. Never take the food or water away from your puppy for the first few weeks to a month.

And for the first week, make sure they are eating a lot. If your puppy is not eating, you must find something that your puppy will want to eat. You can start by wetting down your puppies food with warm water or mixing the dry food with wet canned dog food. You can use Cesar Puppy or AD Science Diet canned food. If that is not making your puppy interested in eating feed your puppy cooked chicken pieces, rice, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, chicken broth, evaporated milk or goats milk. If your puppy still does not want any of the food offered, give your puppy Nutrical or Karo Syrup.

You can purchase Nutrical at Petsmart, Petco or a pet store. Nutrical is a sugar based paste that is enriched with vitamins. When you first bring your new puppy home having Nutrical on hand is a good thing. If your puppy won't eat give them Nutrical around the clock to make sure that they are getting the sugar that your puppy needs in their body to prevent Hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia occurs when the puppies blood sugar is too low. Signs of hypoglycemia can be any and all of the following: loss of appetite to the point that your puppy is lethargic, limp, drooling from the mouth, stumbling, trembling and in the worst case having seizures. You must rub the Nutrical or Karo Syrup on your puppy's gums and feed your puppy Nutrical or Karo Syrup through their mouth. If your puppy does not show signs that he or she is getting better within 5-10 minutes call your veterinarian immediately. This could mean life or death for your new puppy! These puppies are not anything like larger dog breeds. They are very picky eaters and you must make sure that they are eating, please do not assume they are!

Make sure you let your new baby get lots of rest! Handling your puppy to much when you first get them can cause them stress also can cause Hypoglycemia or Coccidia.

Traveling both short and long commutes with your new puppy is NOT recommended. PLEASE get your puppy to their new home immediately and get them situated and in their comfy bed with plenty of food and water. Once your puppy is comfortable in their new home you can travel with your new puppy, but take precaution and ALWAYS have Nutrical or Karo Syrup on hand.

In no time both you and your new puppy will be well adjusted once you've received your puppy. You will have your little companion that you were looking for and they will trust and love you forever, for giving them a happy and healthy life.

Things to Remember!

NEVER leave your puppy unattended on any couch, bed, chair or high elevated area. They will fall and they will get hurt. Just do not do it!

When you are done playing with your puppy or you need to leave your house put your puppy back in their area. When they are puppies you do not want to let them have free reign of your house. Wait until they are older and trained better so there are no accidents.

We also have another page 'ADDITIONAL PUPPY CARE' please also read over it as well. But if there is any questions not answered here on our site please always ask!

Feel free to email me or call/text,

email: [email protected]

Cell :931-316-6196

Home: 931-657-5815

Thank you,

Tammy Brumfield